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Our Challenge for Globalization

KYOWA VIETNAM CO.,LTD. has been established to manufacture and supply industrial machineries and iron/steel structures to East Asian market where is expected to make the further business growth, using experience and knowledge of manufacturing cultivated for a long time in Japanese history. Also, Kyowa Vietnam mainly focuses on gcustom-madeh just like its parent company, Kyowa Kikoh Co., Ltd.

Strength of Kyowa Vietnam:

1.) Vietnamese employees trained at Kyowa Kikoh work as a main driving force in its operation.
2.) Kyowa Vietnam has been well-equipped to manufacture medium/large-sized industrial machineries, allowing for a full work process ranging from cutting, welding, machining to assembly.

In terms of developing human resources, Japanese staff is sent to Vietnam to instruct local workers. Besides, giving on-the-job training opportunities to Vietnamese staff at Kyowa Kikoh in Japan as necessary enables to let them grow up as an employee with advanced skill as well as workmanship.

Kyowa Vietnam keeps on trying to be a company with DNA inherited from Japanese manufacturing spirit in the land of Vietnam, and supplies high-quality products to East Asia, the next big market in the world.

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